Welcome to the world of Glasses4Free.


Glasses4Free is an initiative aiming to assist people, mainly from developing countries, by giving them access to quality, affordable optics.

We aim, through our experience in reaching people, to raise awareness of an ongoing problem that affects millions of individuals worldwide.

It has been proved time and time again, that providing the solution for better vision, greatly assist people in achieving a better quality of life. One cannot choose where in the world he is born, and we have made it our mission to assist as many unprivileged individuals as possible in order to make their lives better.

Our team is formed by professionals in the Beauty and sunglasses industry, with a combined experience of more than 18 years in the customer care and online retail business. During the pandemic of COVID-19 we realized that we want to step up and give back to the communities where we are active in, since only by joining forces and assisting each other are we able to survive.

The supporting system behind our project is primarily the innate passion of our group and of course the funding from the successful eyeglasses company Opticsfit Ltd., of which Glasses4Free is a part of.


What we want to do:


Every great project begins small, however, the best way to achieve change is to always aim high.

While it is true that almost every developing country is in need of proper eye treatment, cost effective and sustainable eyeglasses, we have chosen to begin our campaign by focusing our efforts on helping the people of India.

Once we feel that we have significantly made a difference towards a better vision health for the people in India, and with the warm support of our customers, we will be able to broaden the scope of our efforts to more countries that need our support.


How does Glasses4Free work:


Then you view our website, it becomes clear that Glasses4Free.com is not your typical online glasses website. We don’t offer false promises, nor do we require the assistance of external, and sometimes, controversial partners, to reach those we mean to help.

We have already approached several charity organizations in India, and we are in constant communication with them in order for us to identify the needs of the community. Through these contacts, our objective is to ship goods and tools to these organizations, and our goal is by the end of 2022, to provide glasses and eye-instruments to cover the needs of at least 50.000 people in India.

Yes, you are able to purchase all glasses that feature in Glasses4Free.com, with the only difference that you do not pay any cost for a product – You only pay the shipping cost.

Through intensive research on shipping methods we can use, we concluded that we need to offer a variety of them, in order to be able to reach people according to their financial capabilities and the urgency in which they might be in, to receive a product from us.

We do not aim to profit. We do not aim to gain.

Our statement and our objective is clear: Provide directly to those who cannot afford their resolution to an improved eyesight.


Thank you for taking the time to read about our project.

The Team.