You have two options when you select the virtual try on, from which you choose the best one for you.

  1. Virtual Try on: Upload a Photo
  2. Virtual Try on: “Virtual Fit” Live Camera

It’s as simple as it sounds.

With Virtual Try on – Upload a Photo 2D, you simply select this option, you agree to give access to the application to use the library / gallery photos of the device you are using, and you select one picture that you would like to use as a sample on the 2D virtual try. You are able to use multiple pictures, since it is unlimited the amount of photos that you are able to use. And at this point we would like to warn you that you might find yourself struggling a bit, when having to choose among the wide selection of frames that are offered in our gallery. We encourage you to use this option if you already know how the model looks on your face real time, and you need a quick decision such as the color.

What we advise when using this option:

Pictures with a bright and/or clear scenery to have as a background are always better to be used, since this will be assisting the application in measuring the angles of the face.

With Virtual Try on –“Virtual Fit” Live Camera, things are much simpler. You select this option and you agree that you give permission to the application to have access to your device’s camera. Of course it is given that you use a device that has a camera available (For example a desktop PC, with a screen without a camera cannot be used). You will see then that the application will draw a sketch of the angles of your face, and immediately through live transmission, you will see the model you selected applied to your face. We encourage you that you use this 3D option when you would like to see real life application of the model that you are interested in.

Are all the data provided to Optics-Fit, including my pictures, safe?

100%. We bound not to use or distribute any personal data, images or videos that you provide or upload to Your personal information are protected and you have access at all times, to remove whatever data you do not wish for us to store.

Check how any frame will look and fit on your face with our  Virtual Try-On tool.