Privacy Notice


Privacy Notice informs how your personal data are collected, used, and shared when you visit or proceeding with a purchase on (herein forth called the “Site”).

When you visit the Site, the system automatically collects information about the device, including but not limited to information about the search engine, IP address, time zone, and certain types of cookies that are set on the device. Moreover, as you go through the Site, the system collects details regarding the pages, products, offers the Site has to offer that you view, the referrals, search terms and / or key terms that lead you to the Site, and data about how you interact with the Site. Details that are collected automatically by the system are herein forth called “Device Information”.

Device Information are collected using the following methods:

– “Cookies”, HTTP cookies, local or 3rd party cookies, referred to the data files that are sent by the system on your device, ie. Computer, phone, tablet, and include an anonymous unique code (ie. Identifier). Cookies are designed to offer a better shopping experience by recognizing the surfing habits of the consumer. You may opt-in or out of cookies whenever you decide. Information about cookies, and how to disable them, please visit

– “Log files” are files that keep the logging habits of a user’s system recorded, while the user browses the Site, as to identify the actions taken, the sessions duration, the browser’s type, even messages exchanged between the  user’s software and the Site’s server.

– “Web beacons” (also known as Web bugs), “tags” (also known as Site Tags or Container Tags) and “pixels” are electronic files that are used in connection to the cookies to record information and gain an understanding as to how a user, sees, follows and how ultimately processes the information displayed on the Site.

Moreover, when you proceed with a purchase or attempt to proceed with a purchase through the Site, the system collects data that are placed on the Site by you, data such name, billing and shipping address, payment information (such as credit card numbers), payment processing information ( such as login emails and records), email address, and phone number.  These information are herein forth referred to as “Order Information.”

When we refer to “Personal Information” in this Privacy Notice, we refer to both Device Information and Order Information.


Order Information are collected in order for us to be able to fulfil orders that are placed on the Site. Fulfilling orders includes processing the payment information provided, shipping addresses and phone addresses (information that couriers need to deliver orders to the recipients).  Moreover, we use the Order Information to:

Interact / communicate with you, whenever this is needed.

Analyze our orders for potential risk or fraud; and

When in consonance with your preference settings, we provide you with relative details and / or advertising material that are related to our products and /or services.

The Site uses the Device Information collected, to help us analyze and detect potential risk and fraud payments or attempts (i.e. screening of a user’s IP address, liaising with payment processing companies and their Risk management team), and in addition to improve and optimize the Site (i.e. by third party analytics on how our customers use, follow, interact with the Site, and even to correctly evaluate the success of any marketing and / or advertising campaigns).


In order to be able to process and fulfil your orders, we share your Personal Information as informed and described in the section “YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION & HOW WE USE IT?”. Additionally, we use Google Analytics software, to better understand how a user sees, browses and interacts with the Site. You are able to read all about how Google uses your Personal Information, by following the link below:

You are also able to opt-out of Google Analytics, at any given time, through the link below:

In conclusion, we may also share Personal Information in accordance to the applicable laws and regulations, to respond to a subpoena, search warrant or other lawful request for information we might receive, or to otherwise protect our rights.


Behavioral Advertising is a technique used to display relevant advertisement to the user of the Site, according to the behavioral pattern they display when using the Site. The systems uses the Personal Information to display Targeted adverts and marketing communications that the system recognizes as being of your interest. To better understand how targeted advertising works, you are able to visit the following link, to the Network Advertising Initiative webpage:

You are also able to opt-out of targeted advertising, at any given time, by following the steps provided on the link below:

Moreover, you are able to opt out of some of these systems, when visiting the Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out portal through the following link, and act according to the information given:


Please be aware when we receive a Do Not Track signal from your browser, the Site’s data collection and practices remain the same.


Your Personal Information as a European resident, are protected. You have the right to access and request from us, at any given time, to alter, remove or update any persona information that the Site might hold for reasons described above. If for any reason, you would like for us to alter, remove or update your personal information on the Site, you are able to contact us through the Contact application form or the contact details you will find at the end of this Privacy Notice, in the section “CONTACT US”.

Moreover, please note, that if you are a European resident we process your Personal Information in accordance to the law, and in order for us to fulfill any pending contracts we have with you, such as paid orders you might have placed in the Site, or even carry out our rightful business interests as described above. Please do note that your data will be transferred outside the European zone, including but not limited to countries such as United States and Canada.


As thoroughly explained in the sections “PERSONAL INFORMATION WE COLLECT” and “YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION & HOW WE USE IT” above, when a user places or attempts to place an order in the Site, the system collects the personal information given, in order for us to be able to fulfill orders and process the data in the already explained methods. If for any reason, you do not wish that we hold your Personal Information, you are herein forth asked, that you notify us promptly of your decision and we will act according to your request.


The Site is intended for individuals over the age of 18. Minors are not allowed to provide Personal Information, such as Credit Card numbers, register and maintain an account with Billing information, Home address details, or phone numbers.


Please be advised that we maintain the right to update, or even change information stated on this Privacy Notice, at any given time, in order to reflect changes on our policies, even practices or to comply with other operational, systematic, regulatory or legal advice.


For relative information about our practices, policies, clarification on the Privacy Notice, if you have questions of whatever nature related to the Site, or if you would like to make a complaint and / or suggestion, you are able to contact us in the following manners:

By emailing us to the email address: [email protected]

By mail to the address: Ayias Filaxeos 197, Limassol, 3081, Cyprus

By sending your inquiry through the contact form of the Site.