Progressive VS. Bifocal – How To Choose

As the time goes by, it is given that our vision faces issues since along with our body our vision changes as well. To really answer the question, of what one should choose, progressive or bifocal, we need to understand what each type of lenses is able to do for us.

Progressive Lenses:

Progressive lenses are in fact multi-focal lenses, engineered to offer three prescription powers (for near, far and immediate distance) without the diving line between the levels.

If you need a pair of glasses that will be serving multiple of services, for example you face a problem with nearsightedness or farsightedness and you additionally need a pair of glasses for reading, but you are worried that this type of lenses will be out-of-fashion due to a separating line between the two, then you have met your ideal partner.

Progressive lenses is specifically designed to combine the magnifying levels and the prescriptions given by your eye-doctor in a single lens, without a visible dividing line (separator) between the levels. This gives you the freedom you need to choose the appropriate frame and shape, and look amazing all day, without having to swap between pairs. These lenses are highly preferred between the ages of 35 and higher.

Quick FiTip: All who choose to go with the progressive lenses option, are required to go through an adjustment period, since the transition between the levels takes some time (around 14 days) getting used to.

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Bifocal Lenses:

Bifocal lenses are engineered to combine 2 prescription powers (for near and far distance), and they have that indicative dividing line in between the levels.

The mentality behind these lenses is to assist people with nearsightedness problems (presbyopia), to see clearly at all distances. The lower part of the lens is dedicated to assist the eyes in viewing objects at a closer range (about 18 inches from the eyes) and the rest part of the lens to the clear vision of objects in a greater distance.

Bifocal lenses are usually prescribed to people of the age of 40 and above. It is a classic choice within the optical community and even though the diving line can be considered as a fashion limitation, many consider it as the indicative of a classic fashion statement.

In conclusion:

Concluding and summarizing the above, whether you choose to go with the all-in-one type of lenses such as the progressive ones, or you choose the classics, the bifocals, all that is important is that you feel and look good with what you decide to wear. We, at Opticsfit, support your choices and follow the demands of the market, and for this you will find a wide range of products that are perfect for your needs and personality.

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