Size Does Matter

You have browsed through hundreds of frames of different shapes and styles, you’ve spent hours and hours simply to choose that perfect pair and once decided and tried them on, you instantly knew you have chosen the wrong one. If this sounds familiar, then yes, you are in the right place.Picking out the correct glasses can be an exhausting experience if you are going by it blindly, so let’s takes things from the top. It is a fact that there are several head types and sizes so we will refer to the basics which we have divided into three categories: Small, medium and large sized heads.

Large Sized Heads

Trying on glasses can be difficult regardless of the shape of your head, but people with larger heads may encounter more difficulties. For starters, making sure your frames aren’t pressing against the temple is a must. When looking at typical features of a larger head, you will find rounder chins with softer features. As far as style wise, you are aiming to create angles, giving the effect of a longer and thinner look by using geometrical frames. Additionally, for the larger head, round frames are the enemy. They will focus attention on any roundness of the face while spotlighting the wideness.

Medium Sized Heads

If you find yourself in the middle of the field with a medium size head, you will have the best of all worlds.  Meaning you can get away with wearing rectangle, oval or square frames. The thickness of the frame won’t have as much of an effect either. Meaning the range of options, you have, are endless. For tips on how to choose your frames by the shape of your face, check out our latest guide here.

Small Sized Heads

If you have a smaller sized head you will naturally be looking at a more delicate frame. Ideally you will want to move towards classic cat-eye, oval or rectangular frames, while keeping away from square or round frames. Having said that square or rounded frames, on occasion may work with smaller faces. Typically, most people with smaller heads will be pulled towards a thinner frame so not to cover too much of the face. To optimize this, purchasing a metal frame is ideal as they are significantly thinner than their plastic counter parts.

Whether you have a large, a medium or a small sized head, you are able to find some amazing pairs that will suit your unique and extraordinary personality. Yes, you should always look fantastic and for this purpose size does matter, so choose the correct one.

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